Augmented Reality
for First Aid Training



With the use of Augmented Reality as a cutting-edge technology, HeroSight has with co-creating end-users taken the first steps to solve this challenge by developing an AR-software for training of emergency care in clinical and prehospital environments. HeroSight’s AR-solution will enhance the realism of simulations whilst lowering costs of resources.

HeroSight uses hardware by Microsoft HoloLens.

HeroSight uses hardware by Microsoft HoloLens.

How it works

2 With AR-glases + software - injuries.jpg

1. AR-Injuries

AR-injuries can be detected through HeroSight’s software while wearing AR-glasses. Example shown in the picture above. Simultaneously, 3D-sounds will be triggered by the use of markers and pose estimation technology.

3 With AR-glases + software - priorities.jpg

2. AR-Information Layer

Educational features, such as built-in delays, gives the participant some time to think before being given additional information. In the example picture above, the bleeding leg artery is the first priority, and the bleeding arm the second.


3. AR-Guidance

Finally, instructions with details on how to assess and treat injuries guide users through their actions. This creates an interactive educational environment with a focus on scenario training.




Daniel Pejcinovski, Team Leader & Developer

A dedicated Backend C++ programmer with a focus on performance systems. Daniel Pejcinovski often solves challenges in his field faster than expected, sometimes supported by a broader technical interest in topics such as 3D-Modeling, electronic creations, led inventions, and genuine synthesizer spirit. 


Daniel Kindstrand, CEO & Founder

Daniel Kindstrand holds a MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, combined with field experience as a freelance journalist in hostile areas. Daniel has participated in several trauma treatment courses and gained knowledge in drills and scenario training through previous work in the port of Gothenburg and in commercial fleets. Today he is fully committed to building a high-tech startup with the aim of saving lives at scalable heights.


Joseph Cherry, Sound Designer & Developer

Working with film, games, and VR/AR experiences Joseph Cherry is a voice actor and creative programmer who aims to create emotive experiences with sound and interaction. Previously he has worked with SceneThere, Wolt & Malmö Stad.


Mikael Högström, Senior Technical Advisor

Engineer specialized in military simulation equipment for skills training. Mikael has experience within AR and VR technology, game engine software, cloud solutions, building and designing platforms.


Thomas Johansson, App Developer

A broader knowledge base is difficult to find with a Master’s in philosophy, and a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and History of Ideas. Thomas Johansson also has a two-year education in App Development, which he is specialized in today. He handles both Android and iOS systems.


Jan-Olof Svärd, Medical Advisor

Specialized in general surgery with a broad medical perspective. However, he has engaged in athletic medicine, international military service, and an ongoing part-time position at Försvarsmakten. Additionally, Jan-Olof Svärd has previous experience of developing medical tools for the healthcare industry.


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