Optimizing Emergency Care with AR



With the use of Augmented Reality as a cutting-edge technology, HeroSight has with medical experts taken the first steps towards optimizing the education for emergency personnel. By developing AR software for training in pre-hospital and clinical environments HeroSight’s AR solution enhances the realism of simulations whilst lowering costs and resources.

HeroSight uses hardware by Microsoft HoloLens.

HeroSight uses hardware by Microsoft HoloLens.

How it works

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1. AR Injuries, Props & Sounds

By wearing AR glasses, HeroSight’s software allows for 3D animated injuries to be seen on a person or mannequin. Additional environment themed props and a 360 degree soundscape further enhance the realism of scenario simulations. Finally by providing perfectly illustrated vital parameters the immersion is increased.

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2. Re-usability & Customization

Injuries, props, sound effects, instructions, and educational hints are presented in realistic scenarios with a clear aim on medically validated learning objectives. With its reusable nature, students get the chance to practice repetitively, while senior professionals can enhance their decision-making capabilities by adjusting the settings of each scenario.


3. Instant Feedback & Results

HeroSight’s solution provides instant feedback as a tutorial setting for users to learn the basics faster and independently, without the heavy dependency on instructors for conducting training. This will offer senior emergency care performers the crucial repetitious training, providing automated and instant results at the end of the simulation.





Minimizes preparations, provides instant feedback, analysis and results.


Cost Efficient

Lesser need for resources, instructors, props and hired actors.



Customizable in-house training with multiple ways to illustrate casualties, injuries an environments.



Scalable learning, easy access to drill training and unlimited reusability of scenarios.

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Daniel Kindstrand, CEO & Founder

Daniel Kindstrand holds a MSc in Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation, combined with field experience as a freelance journalist in hostile areas. Daniel has participated in several trauma treatment courses and gained knowledge in drills and scenario training through previous work in the port of Gothenburg and on commercial fleets. Today he is fully committed to building an impact startup with the aim of saving lives at scalable heights.

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Joakim Andersson, Developer & Co-founder

Joakim is a creator using everything from mechanical, hands-on tools to computer and electronical programming. He has experience working with projects from electric three wheeled vehicles to VR and AR applications. Additionally, Joakim got a master of MscEng and specialized in usability and design. His creativity and curiosity makes him a great fit as a HeroSight Developer.



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Mikael Högström, Senior Technical Advisor

Engineer specialized in military simulation equipment for skills training. Mikael has experience within AR and VR technology, game engine software, cloud solutions, building and designing platforms.


Noelia Ljuslinder, MedTech & Innovation expert

Noelia has got more than 15 years of experience within innovation management, MedTech, highly advanced intensive care, IT implementation projects and project management in international settings.
Working in international scarce settings, within civil defence and disaster management she also holds a deep understanding of public safety and contingency management.


Jan-Olof Svärd, Medical Advisor

Specialized in general surgery with a broad medical perspective. However, he has engaged in athletic medicine, international military service, and an ongoing part-time position at Försvarsmakten. Additionally, Jan-Olof Svärd has previous experience of developing medical tools for the healthcare industry.


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